Look to the Future: 3 Popular Packaging Trends for 2019

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As the saying goes, the only constant in life is change, so as a business, it’s important to always have an eye on the future - ensuring your being proactive rather than reactive to any market or consumer changes. And when it comes to packaging materials and design trends, we have you covered.

In today’s post, we’ll be shining the light on 3 popular packaging trends that are set to dominate 2019 - arming you with the know-how to make your brand packaging solutions as impactful and customer-focused as possible.

 1. Experience-driven packaging

Understandably, what consumers expected of their packaging and products a decade ago differs from what drives them towards certain purchases today. We’re now seeing more consumers favouring the emerging trend for experiential packaging - whereby the packaging, product and brand communicates the personal experience and benefit they’ll gain from buying it. Savvy shoppers are no longer just in search of a product - they want these products to deliver a more meaningful impact on their lives.

In terms of packaging, this is often the first impression consumers have of your brand, particularly in traditional retail environments, so it needs to evoke emotions with customers that go beyond the initial impulse feelings.

To do this, firstly create an element of anticipation and excitement during the ‘unboxing’ process; secondly, make it feel personalised in some way to speak to them directly; and create a design that promotes shareability by the end user.

In addition, you can also create a long-lasting marketing tool by designing packaging that can be reused or repurposed in other ways. This could be anything from custom boxes for shoes to wooden crates for beverages that offer the potential to be utilised in other ways in the everyday.

2. Sustainable packaging materials

Just as buyers want their products to deliver an experience, more and more also want them to be in line with their own personal ethical and environmental views - choosing products that use eco-friendly ingredients and materials. Therefore it’s no surprise the demand for sustainable packaging solutions is becoming a prominent trend.

In fact, sustainability has become a buzzword across many sectors, with the emphasis on reduce, recycle and reuse. In terms of aligning your packaging designs with this mantra, it’s essential to opt for sustainable options where possible.

To maximise the impact of sustainable packaging, get ahead of the trend, aligning your brand with an eco-friendly packaging concepts sooner rather than later. This will not only increase your product buy-in, but will position you as a forward-thinking operator, all while positively impacting the environment and your brand reputation.

3. Innovative packaging production

The emphasis on sustainable packaging isn’t just limited to the materials used either, it also relates to the production - with many brands actively adopting more planet-friendly processes with their manufacturing.

Whether you outsource to packaging manufacturers or produce in house, having a greater awareness of the practises and products that are involved in achieving the finished packaging product is vital. Not least, you can be sure that your packaging is produced with minimal impact on the planet, but also you can potentially make cost savings and further bolster your brands eco-friendly ethos.

Our commitment

At Kendon Packaging, we take our corporate responsibility towards the environment seriously, ensuring our packaging production methods are designed to have the lowest possible effect on the planet. And with our extensive range of environmentally-friendly packaging products, you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration to help your brands do the same.

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