3 Amazing Reasons Why Eco-Friendly Packaging Is Good For Business

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With the UK government announcing they’ll introduce a tax on plastic packaging in 2022 to push the move towards using more sustainable alternatives, it seems that businesses can no longer avoid the need to become greener with their packaging solutions.

And while the transition may pose a number of challenges to business owners and their operations along the way, the good news is that the swap to eco-friendly packaging alternatives does come with a raft of benefits for your business. From improved brand perception and shipping costs reductions, in this post, we’ll be highlighting a number of reasons why going green can be a positive change for the environment, as well as for business.

Reduced carbon footprint

Recycled packaging solutions are designed to reduce their impact on the environment through a more Earth-friendly production process to deliver recyclable packaging materials. This all contributes to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions both during production and in their use.

Therefore, probably the most obvious benefit to accompany the switch to sustainable packaging solutions is the reduction that your business operations can have on the environment as a whole, which is always a good thing.

However, effectively implementing a sustainable packaging policy within your business should also mean you use less packaging on goods. From an environmental point of view this can significantly decrease the amount of waste packaging within your company, but for your business’s bottom line, less packaging also means lighter cargo, working towards reducing CO2 emissions through transportation.

Lower shipping costs

Following on from the benefits of lighter packaging and its impact on your company’s carbon footprint, you’ll be pleased to know that recycled packaging could also contribute to lowering shipping costs.

For large-scale businesses carrying out manufacturing, lighter packaging being transported from production to the end-user inevitably means reduced transportation expenses - particularly when incorporated into a more energy-efficient logistics strategy.

For e-Commerce operations, they can enjoy instant savings with lower postage costs when sending out packages. To further reduce costs, online retailers should also consider their returns process, ensuring that packaging can be reused to send items back - as this cuts back on costs and excess waste that’s bad for both business and the planet.

Better brand buy-in

Naturally, it isn’t just businesses that are realising their negative effects on the environment, consumers are becoming more environmentally aware too, which has a direct impact on the products they buy and the brands they choose to shop with.

This is particularly true with millennials and the new Gen Z, who are cited as being more ethically driven consumers than older generations. Therefore, if you want to make a lasting impression now and in the future, adopting green practices to promote your positive corporate responsibility for the environment could prove incredibly valuable in bolstering brand loyalty, while increasing sales in the process.

Our commitment

Embarking on the transition to sustainable packaging definitely proposes some compelling benefits for your business and the planet, and at Kendon Packaging, we’re committed to producing environmentally-friendly packaging to help you on your way.

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