3 Ways to Optimise Your Warehouse For Productivity


For manufacturers, importers and distributors, the warehouse provides a key space where you can gain a distinct advantage over competitors. From adopting the latest in warehouse technologies to maximising labour efficiency, today we’ll offer our top 3 ways you can optimise your warehouse for productivity - ensuring a more functional warehouse environment that ultimately leads to maximum profits.

1. Maximising and optimising the space you have

Warehouse expansion can be an expensive process. To minimise expansion costs caused by an increased square footage, consider better utilisation of vertical space.

To achieve this, evaluate your storage and shelving options. Taller storage units are a great option for manufacturers of large produce as they allow for stacking, subsequently taking up a lot less floor space. For manufacturers and distributors of smaller items, consider more concise shelving options as opposed to standard pallet racks, as the latter wastes space and makes it easy to misplace items.

Optimise the layout of your floor space to match product demand and material flow. Minimise the warehouse transportation time of frequent orders by storing popular produce at the front of the warehouse, and remove any needless criss-crossing around the floor by storing items frequently sold together near one another. For external importers, try reducing unloading times by storing imports close to the drop-off space.

Small changes like this add up, saving time and subsequently creating a more efficient warehouse environment.

2. Increase labour efficiency

With your floor space now optimised, consider how to increase the efficiency of your floor staff. As manufacturers continue to embrace technological advances within the industry, it’s common for warehouse staff to be apprehensive of their career stability. However, floor staff remain of fundamental importance to the success of any warehouse environment.

As such, promote staff productivity through a bonus or incentive scheme dependant on monthly targets. Reinforce this through regular training and clear advancement opportunities, remembering that a positive, well-trained workforce benefits both employee and employer alike.

Furthermore, ensure your staff always have the right equipment - and always know how and when to use it - to increase the efficiency of their work and subsequently the performance of the warehouse as a whole.

If you deal with large, heavy and stable loads, ensure your staff have access to metal strapping. Metal strapping is vital to ensuring the stability of large loads that are being shipped long distances or will experience multiple loading and unloading operations.

For less experienced staff, ensure they have access to pallet wrap and understand how to use it. Pallet wrap is a great stability reinforcement for loads that may contract or expand during transportation, or for goods that are being shipped sort distances.

Pallet wrap and metal strapping are vital tools to any warehouse. Ensuring your floor staff have access to them and understand their use will increase efficiency across the floor, in addition to promoting their safety.

3. Ensure safety procedures are followed

On the topic of safety, efficiency and safety go hand in hand. Having a regulated warehouse space means less chance of unexpected problems, thus maximising productivity through everything running smoothly.

You might not think taking small measures like ensuring footpaths remain uncluttered and sufficiently lit will make much of a difference, but every risk reduction potentially saves time in the long run, creating a more productive and efficient warehouse environment.

With your warehouse now optimised for productivity, why not contact us to find out how we can help with all your packaging and equipment needs?