Relocation Remedies: Boxing up Your Business for a Big Move

There comes a time in every business’s story when the confines of the office are just too small to contain a growing team with big ideas and long-term plans for growth. While you might put the office move on the back-burner for a little while, it will become inescapable after a while.

Every large company has endured numerous office moves - Facebook, for example, started in a dorm room, while Amazon began in a garage. In this post, we’ll explain the office move process in detail so you can be settled into your new space in no time.

Cardboard boxes: the first step

The first thing you need to think about with regards to cardboard boxes is the weight they’ll be holding. Haphazardly packing bulky items away in a box that can’t handle their weight is a recipe for disaster, so make sure you’ve bought the correct type of box.

Double wall cardboard boxes are your best bet for extra strength, while a palletised container system might be preferable for a large-scale move utilising a logistics chain. However, if all you’re moving is a stack of documents and the odd desk trinket, a single wall box is more than enough for the job.

Colour coding: an essential

Picture the scene. Your whole team has moved into an empty office space and there’s a stack of boxes waiting to be unpacked. It looks like it’ll take the whole afternoon to sort everything out between departments, but you’ve done something very savvy as an office manager master tactician - you’ve colour-coded the boxes with colourful packing tape.

This makes the whole process a whole lot easier, and it needn’t stop at colour coding. Use our range of custom tape to display just about anything you want on a box - a simple ‘fragile’ label could be vital in the moving process, for example.

Bubble wrap packaging: for peace of mind

It’s always best to have peace of mind through the moving process, as you’re putting the entire contents of your office in the hands of removal professionals who could make a mistake, drop your box and generally ruin your day.

Lining your large cardboard boxes with bubble wrap to cushion impacts and keep things in mint condition should be a high priority for your business. Buying in bulk from Kendon will ensure peace of mind for the move and any other shipping challenges that might occur in the future.

If you’re moving electronics, you’ll also need packing foam sheets to prevent static discharge and loose fill for further bump protection, as well as bubble pouches for small or fragile items.

So, whatever kind of office move you’re embarking on, choose us as your packaging supplier. We’ve got decades of experience packaging just about anything you can imagine, so you’ll be in safe hands with Kendon.

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