Iconic Packaging Designs: Why Did They Work?

Breaking the mould in a crowded market takes endurance, strategic thinking and a touch of creative genius. Particularly for ecommerce businesses seeking to subvert their industry, offering something genuinely fresh and innovative is no easy feat - but the exciting news (we hope) is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to product design in order to set your brand apart. The right product packaging can do the work for you.

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In the spirit of packaging innovations, today, we’re taking a fond look back at the conception of some of the world’s most iconic custom packaging designs. With any luck, this trip across the globe via memory lane will inspire you to take your product packaging to a new level in 2020 - letting your customers know you represent something truly unique within your sector.

Coca-Cola’s signature bottle

While the soda wars rage on indefinitely, there are still few who’d refuse the heavenly experience of an authentic bottle of Coca-Cola in its unmistakable contoured glass bottle. Shoppers are so infatuated with this product packaging that they swear the product itself is actually that little bit more delicious when presented in this miraculous bottle.

The design of these glass bottles was created in 1915 by the Indiana-based Root Glass Company. In response to a design brief dictating the bottle should be recognisable even in the dark or if broken, this distinctive contoured bottle was born - and in 1977, it became a registered trademark in the United States.

Chanel No. 5’s no-frills bottle & box

When it comes to the adage that ‘less is more’, it could be said that no brand’s packaging embodies this mantra quite as perfectly as that of Chanel. The French brand’s most iconic perfume product, No. 5, is famous the world over for its sleek, stripped-back packaging design, which was created back in 1921 as a modern contrast to other perfume products of the time and inexplicably feels modern even today.

Chanel No. 5’s clear, crystal, rectangular bottle was and is iconic for its purity - inspired by the simple, functional design of a whisky decanter - and its clean, minimalist box design only enhances this restrained elegance. Illustrating the power of timeless, classic product packaging, Chanel No. 5 is a lesson in letting your high-quality products do the talking.

KFC’s family bucket

The best product packaging succeeds in the all-important task of elevating the product itself - and this is certainly true of KFC’s world-renowned bucket. A symbol of fun, family and, of course, feasts, this distinctive food packaging effectively conveys the joy of sharing food with someone special - as well as promoting large portion sizes in the process, naturally.

The bold, colourful and generally joyous design that adorns these buckets undeniably enhances the appeal of the fried chicken contained therein - and it speaks volumes that the bucket has been going strong since its creation in 1957, when it was positioned to housewives as a quick, convenient, satisfying alternative to traditional home-cooked dinners.

The Tiffany Blue Box

In the iconic stakes, it’s hard to compete with the Tiffany Blue Box - bathed from top to bottom in a rich, vibrant turquoise shade legally known as Tiffany Blue®. Instantly evocative of luxury and elegance, this highly recognisable box is, in some ways, as coveted a prize as the designer jewellery it holds.

The colour itself was first chosen by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1845, thought to have been a testament to the popularity of turquoise gemstones in jewellery at that time. One thing’s for certain: the enduring power of these exquisite, eye-catching boxes is proof of the rewards that come with standing out rather than fitting in.

Heinz’s iconic ketchup bottle

Last but by no means least, the humble Heinz ketchup bottle - specifically, the upside-down, squeezable plastic bottle we know and love. In 2002, this game-changing container was introduced as a more cost-effective and convenient alternative to its predecessor, thanks to its greater capacity and the noticeably greater ease with which its famous contents can be dispensed.

Created to solve the age-old problem of endless tapping and banging on the end of a glass ketchup bottle to access every last drop of the hidden tomatoey goodness inside, this innovation in product packaging is as iconic in its aesthetic as it is functional in its design.

Heinz ketchup plastic upside-down bottle

Photo by Pedro Ribeiro on Unsplash

We hope this post has demonstrated the sheer number of ways there are to innovate product packaging - from eye-catching aesthetics to functional excellence and beyond. With inspiration from some of the world’s commercial giants, you too can find your point of difference and take your packaging design to new heights in the year ahead.

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Iconic Packaging Designs: Why Did They Work?