3 New Year's Resolutions To Improve Your Packaging Materials

As the new year draws ever closer, it’s time to start thinking of New Year’s resolutions. This year, rather than swear to live a healthier lifestyle and adhere to a rigorous fitness routine, why not instead focus on actionable changes to your business’s packaging materials that will benefit both consumer and brand alike?

Today, we’re helping you and your business to kick off the new year in the right way by drawing on our packaging expertise to offer up 3 resolutions to improve your business’ packaging, ensuring your products are excelling in both aesthetics and function from the moment they hit the shelves.

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Go green

As we become increasingly aware of the impact we’re having on the planet, taking steps to become a more eco-friendly business is becoming an increasingly popular practice that promotes a positive brand image through evidencing moral and ethical values in your business.

As such, look to make a shift to more eco-friendly packaging. Eco-friendly packaging materials are biodegradable and will dramatically increase your business’s carbon footprint, playing a significant role in wider global environmental efforts. And with projections of up to 12 billion tonnes of plastic waste expected to be in landfill by 2050, going green has never been more important.

Yet it’s not just the moral and ethical benefits you’ll be reaping when going green - there are additional financial benefits from utilising eco-friendly packaging materials that no business will want to ignore.

Firstly, the less you use raw materials in your packaging, the lesser the shipping expenses of your packaging materials will be due to significantly lower extraction efforts of sustainable sourcing. Furthermore, eco-packaging is far more flexible in use, meaning they can be utilised for anything from cosmetics to food packaging supplies. Lastly, as we’ve already touched upon, promoting the ethical value of your business through the use of these greener materials is a great way to display a positive brand image, subsequently attracting more customers in the process.

Going green really is a win-win for all.

Go branded

Branding is an essential feature of the success of any product’s packaging. Look to incorporate a consistent brand image across your product range to create a recognisable and familiar brand to the consumer.

Utilise bespoke custom packaging solutions to strengthen consumer-brand recognition by establishing an easily identifiable and memorable brand image that translates aesthetically and effectively to your packaging materials. The most effective way to do this is through a consistent use of font and logo that catches the consumer's eye and plays on the comfort of brand familiarity to increase sales.

What’s more, by ensuring your logo is readily displayed on all of your packagings, you create a mobile advertisement in the consumer themselves. From the moment they take your product off the shelf (or even click that ‘order now’ button), they actively promote your business by displaying your logo wherever they go, influencing fellow consumers in the process. Whether it’s showing off your food packaging in the food court or displaying your carrier bag up and down the high street, well-branded product packaging will catch the eye and stay in the minds of fellow consumers all around town.

Go colourful

Last but by no means least, add a splash of colour to your packaging this new year.

Not only is utilising colour through custom packaging a great way to further your brand image as discussed above, but it’s also a clever way to tap into some consumer psychology. With 85% of consumers claiming to be heavily influenced by the colour of a product, carefully consider your colour use based on the psychology of your target demographic.

For example, lighter colours will attract budget-conscious shoppers who put more thought and evaluation into their product choices, whereas warmer colours such as reds will tempt the impulse buyers who react to perceived urgency. It’s all about ensuring your packaging reflect the desired characteristics of your targeted demographic to ensure a reliable and consistent sales rate.

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So this new year, ditch the typical New Year’s resolutions for actionable changes to your packaging materials that will benefit your business in the long run. Why not start today by contacting us here to see how we can help you and your business with all of your packaging needs?