3 Ways To Package Your Business For Success

Whether selling consumables, clothing or tech products, how you package your products now seems to matter more than ever. Many marketplaces have become far more competitive, all vying to take their share of the buyer’s buck, but also consumer purchasing habits are changing, too.

Nowadays, consumers are putting more and more emphasis on experiential packaging that delivers more than just the product itself - buying into the overall experience and long-lasting benefits, rather than just its initial impact. With this in mind, in today’s post, we’re going to take a closer look at the fundamental aspects of packaging and branding to ready your business for success. From the logo to packaging materials, we’ll cover it all - leaving you with an actionable guide to getting it right.

Be brilliant with branding

No business should underestimate the impact that a good brand identity can bring to the table and much of that comes down to the all-important logo. Yet, anyone who’s watched The Apprentice will know that even the supposedly brightest individuals can get this crucial element wrong - think ‘Manage Air’s’ logo in the recent budget airline task!

And while a degree in graphic design or a flair for creativity are naturally helpful prerequisites for creating a brand logo, neither are essential. Sometimes the simplest designs are the most powerful, and best executed by brands who know and understand their products, their target demographic and their core brand message.

With this in mind, to pull off an impactful logo, it’s key to have a good grasp of these three elements before conjuring up any designs to provide you with the ideal platform for building your brand and subsequently your logo.

When designing your logo, be mindful that it’s not only eye-catching, but also representative of the product or brand, as well as simple - fussy designs have the potential to put shoppers off or confuse the sales message.

With these components nailed down, your logo is sure to stand out from the crowd, becoming instantly recognisable to consumers, telling them what the product is and who it’s supplied by. In turn, this enhances brand awareness and when executed well, long-term customer loyalty.

Get creative with colours and fonts

There’s a plethora of research on colour psychology enlightening us on which colours evoke certain emotions, and whether you’re choosing the colour of your offices or your product packaging, it pays to keep this in mind.

When it comes to packaging, the colour of the outer wrap will say a lot more about the product inside than you may think. For instance, red is a colour that’s often associated with hunger or a sense of urgency, so it’s a often a popular choice for consumables and promotional items. While rich colours like purple denote a sense of luxury and indulgence and green is typically synonymous with eco-friendly, healthy or organic products.

When choosing the colour of your packaging, always have your target audience in mind to achieve a successful pairing between the product and the shopper - be it a vegan chocolate bar or a pair of shoes. In addition, don’t lose sight of what’s contained within the packaging - any colour scheme you choose for the outside needs to complement what’s inside, too.

And finally, don’t be afraid to get creative with colour to make a lasting impression, even the most conservative of brands can embrace colour effectively to make a logo and packaging pop! Although it goes without saying this needs to be consistent with your brand message and products.

Plump for quality packaging supplies

Cost margins are always going to be a factor in any business, but one area that benefits from investing in quality is packaging materials. As the customer-facing element of your business, attractive, well-manufactured packaging can significantly alter a customer's perception of your brand and products.

While you don’t have to go top of the range, buying your packaging supplies from reputable packaging manufacturers will ensure that even the lower-budget options are produced to a high standard - allowing you to market your products with premium packaging for less.

Another way to bolster the success of your business packaging is to align your product with an eco-friendly message through greener packaging solutions. Whether this is a core focus for your business model or not, pushing forward planet-saving practices will only serve to enhance your brand reputation and corporate responsibility, too.

At Kendon Packaging, we offer an extensive range of premium packaging solutions for all your business needs. And with a continuous eye on our environmental responsibilities as one of the leading packaging companies in the UK, we strive to use eco-friendly materials and processes across our business where possible.

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