Un-Deck The Halls: 3 Top Tips for Packing Away the Christmas Decorations

Christmas baubles

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The Christmas period is over, you’re stood in the stockroom wondering how you’re going to pack away your decorations without them getting broken, inevitably stuffing them into boxes, where they become tangled - creating a chaotic mess to deal with next year. Sound familiar?

In today’s post, we’re discussing our top tips for packing away the Christmas decorations, so that your baubles, tinsel and fairy lights all remain intact ready for next year. From packing the tree to wrapping the lights, we’ll leave you with some actionable advice so that you’re equipped to undeck the halls safely and swiftly this year.

Packing the tree

Tired of trying to squeeze your Christmas tree into a box that you’ve tried to salvage unsuccessfully over its years of use? Instead, consider shrink wrapping your tree. All you’ll need is some shrink wrap film, some long cardboard boxes and masking tape for added security. Not only will this decrease the size of the tree, making it much easier to store (and fit into that dreaded cardboard box), but it’ll also keep it clean and protected from damage all year round.

This efficient method of storage is also very easy to unpack next year - simply use a pair of scissors to cut the wrap and pull the branches back into place. Wherever you decide to store your tree, shrink wrapping it will also make it easier to maneuver and handle, particularly if you’re carrying it up ladders.

Storing the baubles

If stored carelessly, baubles can easily be damaged or lost. So, to prevent them from being smashed and to keep them in one place, it’s essential that they’re packed well. When it comes to storing them, opt for large cardboard boxes and wrap the baubles inside separately.

For effective storage of containers when the decorations are up, choose flat pack boxes that can be compacted and re-erected to save on space when they’re not needed. When putting baubles and other delicate decorations away, bubble wrap is an effective way to cover them and secure them in place to prevent them from being damaged during storage. We’d suggest wrapping each bauble separately to give them the best possible protection, especially if they’re made from glass.

When it comes to irregular shaped decorations such as novelty baubles or ornaments, individually wrap them to protect tiny intricate pieces such as antlers from snapping. Once wrapped, secure with masking tape, and always ensure that nothing heavy is placed on top of the decorations. To optimise your storage system, you could even colour coordinate your decorations, which will save you time when unpacking them for reuse next year.

Wrapping the lights

If you’re tired of spending hours detangling your Christmas lights each year, we’ve got you covered. While it’s always tempting to start winding up your lights, this can lead to significant tangling, which may result in broken bulbs when it comes to putting them up the following year.

By winding the lights up around a cardboard cut out, you could avoid both of these issues. Take a piece of cardboard and cut a slit in it, then begin wrapping the lights within the slit. Not only is this an effective way to store the lights, taking up very little space, but you can also recycle old cardboard boxes you may have lying around - putting them to good use.

Green Christmas tree

Photo by T. Rampersad on Unsplash

When it comes to packing away the Christmas decorations, the key is to ensure that they’re stored neatly and are well protected in their containers to make next year’s unpacking process easier.

If you’re low on all the above mentioned packing essentials, get stocked up by browsing our range of quality packaging supplies today - we have everything you need to ensure your decorations are stowed and protected for another year.

Un-Deck The Halls: 3 Top Tips for Packing Away the Christmas Decorations