Protective Packaging: Which Solution is Right for Me?

Bubble wrap

With thousands of parcels shipped nationwide on a daily basis, packages can easily be prone to damage, subject to rough handling, dropping or movement during transportation.

Here at Kendon Packaging, we know how important it is for the contents of your packages to be safe and secure, offering multiple protective packaging solutions to ensure your package arrives at its destination in one piece.

But with a variety of different options, how do you know which one’s right for you? Luckily, in today’s post we will break down the ins and outs of our protective packaging solutions to offer you a comprehensive guide on which option is best suited for your packaging needs.


Loosefill is a collection of small foam cushioning that are similar in size to peanuts, earning them the more popular colloquial name ‘packing peanuts’.

Packing peanuts are most commonly used in cardboard boxes, where they create a cushioning effect by filling the empty space between packaging and content. This lightweight protective packaging solution finds a way to fill every little nook and cranny inside your cardboard box, making it ideal to serve as filler, protecting fragile items from shifting around during shipping.

Bubble wrap

Great for items small and large, bubble wrap is amongst the most popular of protective packaging solutions.

By evenly distributing air cushions through trapping air bubbles between two firms of transparent plastic, bubble wrap offers very effective shock and vibration protection during transportation. And since it’s so lightweight, it shouldn’t affect any shipping charges.

Whatever your packaging problem, bubble wrap can come to the rescue. Large bubble wrap rolls can be used for bigger items such as furniture, whereas smaller alternatives such as our bubble pouches provide handy protective packaging solutions for items such as small electronics and glassware.

Corrugated paper rolls

Corrugated packing paper is the ideal protective packaging solution for smaller, delicate items such as artworks and small breakables.

Strong yet lightweight in design, this packing paper also serves as a great way to protect files and documents from being bent during transportation, requiring only some adhesive tape to hold it in place.

For the environmentally conscious amongst you, all our corrugated packing paper here at Kendon Packaging is recyclable and manufactured according to environmental regulations. This means you can concentrate on protecting the contents of your packages without having to worry about the environmental impact of your packaging solution.

Now that the world of protective packaging is a little clearer, why not browse our range to find your perfect protective packaging solution?