4 Reasons Why it Pays to Buy Packaging in Bulk

Bubble wrap

When your business grows, you need your suppliers to grow alongside you - paving the way for further success in the future. Buying in bulk from packaging wholesalers such as Kendon Packaging is the way forward in this respect, and in this post, we’re going to give you four bulletproof reasons why you should go wholesale to help your enterprise.

Custom styles at scale

Bespoke packaging can help your business assert itself in a competitive market - humble custom boxes can be the difference between a greater market share and complete obscurity. If your business takes off thanks to some favourable social media coverage or a stellar review in a major publication, you’ll need a supplier that can quickly and easily meet a sharp increase in demand. A packaging wholesaler like ourselves can easily do this - with our established supply chains and next-day delivery, we’ll take the strain of a sudden and dramatic increase in attention for your brand.

Maintain quality control

Buying from a packaging wholesaler can mean peace of mind when it comes to the finished product getting to the customer in a good state. There are few scenarios more distressing than legions of angry customers getting in touch because their item got broken in transit - so make sure this doesn’t happen by buying wholesale bubble wrap to swaddle your merchandise in while keeping plenty in reserve to avoid any packaging crises caused by an uptake in demand for your products.

As one of the UK's leading parcel tape manufacturers, we know all about making packages secure, so make sure you're not caught out by maintaining rigorous quality control.

Save money

Buying in bulk is simply a whole lot cheaper than purchasing your packaging in a piecemeal manner - so it should be considered no matter how big your business is. With this strategy, you’ll also be future proofing your business at a substantially cheaper cost. By having plenty of boxes, rolls of tape and protective products such as bubble wrap and void fill on hand, you’ll be prepared no matter what the future holds.

You’ll be sitting pretty with your cardboard boxes purchased wholesale, avoiding any last-minute scrambles for extra packaging - which could lead to you not getting the best possible price per unit.

Unbeatable agility

Whether you’re buying paper bags wholesale for a small-scale retail operation or buying everything you need for a full-scale logistics chain, having everything purchased and in position gives your company an agile edge on the competition. Sometimes, the only thing forcing customers into making a decision between two eCommerce products is the shipping time - so if your products are pre-packed and ready to go thanks to your wholesale-purchased packaging, you’ll get the sale.

Cans on a pallet

So, whatever your company does, we’re sure you’ll be able to reap the benefits of buying your packaging in bulk. For more information on what Kendon could do for your business, give us a call on 01992 702470 - we’re always happy to help!