The Next Big Thing: 5 Packaging Trends Set To Take 2020 By Storm

The packaging industry is always changing. With new customer needs and demands comes new packaging ideas and styles which are created with the intent to keep brands ahead of their competitors.

That’s why in today’s post, we’ll be discussing the packing trends set to take 2020 by storm, so you can stay ahead in your respective market. From rigid, corrugated packaging to 100% recyclable materials and smart packaging, we’ll cover it all.

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Corrugated packaging

Of course, the primary function of packaging is to keep the objects inside safe. Corrugated packaging is an effective way to ensure that whatever is in your parcel arrives at the door of your customer in one piece, and can vary in size and thickness depending on the objects contained inside it. On that note, corrugated cardboard keeps moisture away from products, making it a great choice for food products that need to withstand long shipping times and for logistics companies who ship a variety of items.

Throughout 2019, we’ve seen packaging become more customised to represent brand identity. Corrugated card is extremely customizable, being a great material for all kinds of coatings, treatments and adhesives for use in any industry.


During 2019, minimalism was a huge trend in the packaging industry, characteristic of small decorate features to draw in the eye. We’re expecting to see this trend continue into 2020, particularly for luxury packaging.

Minimalist packaging leaves everything to the product and often sticks to the basics to develop a new strand of custom packaging. Ignoring any overuse of graphics and colours, minimalism focuses on clarity and white space in order to minimise any clutter which may distract the eye.

Smart packaging

Given the rise in popularity of AI in automating processes, packaging is set to follow suit in 2020. Expect to see packaging integrate with augmented reality, cloud labelling, anti-counterfeiting packs and new levels of track and trace.

Augmented reality packaging is an effective marketing tool for brands to add a virtual element to their packaging and introduce the story of their brand. Using a QR code displayed on the product packaging, users can scan their product with their smartphone to connect and engage with the brand through a visual experience. Connected packaging is also effective for storytelling, informing consumers of the brand’s purpose and values while also building brand loyalty. With the advent of 5G, expect to see the use of camera and packaging collaborate to truly transform the industry as we know it.

100% recyclable

Sustainability has become a major trend in recent years and it’s certainly not going anywhere. The difference is that in 2020, packaging trends will focus on being completely recyclable. Materials that we can expect to see more of are cardboard, glass and certain plastics that are all characteristic of eco friendly packaging. As consumer demands tilt towards embracing the circular economy, manufacturers will take designing for recycling to the next level to stay ahead of their market competitors.

Edible packaging

From edible cups to edible cling film, packaging which is digestible is expected to gain great traction in 2020. Biodegradable and edible food packaging made from carbohydrates and proteins is set to replace polluting plastic materials, even improving shelf life as a result. As consumers are increasingly demanding eco-friendly packaging solutions, the damaging effects of traditional plastic packaging could become a thing of the past following innovative developments over the next year.

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Expect to see monumental changes in the packaging industry in the next 12 months, that are ultimately geared towards eco-friendly solutions created with the future at the forefront of the mind. As such, be ready for packaging manufacturers to take a brave new approach to their designs in 2020 in order to stay ahead of their competitors. Here at Kendon Packaging, we have a huge range of packaging supplies to help your business surpass its competitors in the market, all while protecting your products and promoting your brand. Contact our team today and we’ll help you find the best solution to meet your business needs.

The Next Big Thing: 5 Packaging Trends Set To Take 2020 By Storm