The Rise Of Unboxing (And What It Means For The Packaging Industry)

iPhone X packaging

Here at Kendon, we’ve been at the forefront of innovation in the UK packaging sector for several decades, so we’re always keeping our ears to the ground with regards to what the modern consumer wants from their packaging solutions.

Today’s post will focus on a largely online trend that’s having a big impact on the packaging industry - the phenomenon of the unboxing video.

A brief explainer

One of the most lucrative avenues for YouTube content creators is to film themselves opening the latest technology and toys and provide a brief overview for viewers. The smooth, satisfying-to-open packaging of a sought-after product such as the iPhone X will capture millions of viewers and lead to a huge number of subscribers.

These videos are all about the packaging experience and how a consumer can get excited about a product without having even purchased the product.

What packaging companies can do

Unboxing videos aren’t going away - you can search for just about any product and see a video of all its packaging laid bare under the critical eye of millions of viewers. The packaging sector needs to be wary of this - as a partnership with a tech company could be in jeopardy if the packaging isn’t as much of a positive experience as it could possibly be.

It sounds harsh, but it’s true - so companies need to make sure their custom box options are as robust as possible to avoid disappointment that might be broadcast across the internet. Making sure packing foam is as high-quality as it can possibly be is another important step, as this can prevent damage to the marquee item in transit.

An elaborate packaging system designed to wow digital content creators is all well and good, but putting functionality first is important - so make sure electronic items are adequately packaged to prevent electrostatic discharge, and include silica gel sachets to reduce the appearance of moisture. The most important thing for 90% of your consumers is that the product actually works at the end of the shipping process.

Remember the environment

In today’s eco-conscious climate, it’s important to make sure that your flashy packaging is also easily recyclable. Shipping boxes made of cardboard offer an easy way to achieve this, while most void fill can be swapped for an eco-friendly alternative. Having a 100% sustainable packaging mix can earn kudos from online influencers, so don’t discount this as a strategy.

We at Kendon are well placed to offer our expertise regarding eco-friendly packaging solutions, as we have a number of environmental best practices in operation across our manufacturing sites.

We’re also passionate about solving packaging quandaries for the UK’s largest businesses - we’ve been doing this since 1933, so we have all the expertise to help you, no matter the problem you face.

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