Why Use Eco-Friendly Packaging? 4 Pressing Reasons To Make The Switch

With an increasing number of companies adopting a ‘go-green’ mentality in all aspects of their business, packaging should be no exception to sustainable practices. While eco-friendly packaging is becoming one of the latest trends, it also has several benefits which make it a popular alternative to traditional packaging.

That’s why in today’s post, we’re discussing why businesses should make the switch to eco-friendly packaging. From it’s recyclable properties to conserving the earth’s resources and even saving money, we’re outlining why, as a progressive company, you should make the switch.


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It’s recyclable


While it may seem obvious, the main purpose of switching to eco-friendly packaging is for its recyclable properties which work to prioritise the planet. Many of the products used to create green packaging can be recycled, meaning that after use and with proper disposal they can be broken down and used time and time again - meaning less waste contaminating our oceans that pose a harmful threat to marine life.

Sustainable packaging is great for reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact as a business. Even after its use for shipping, green packaging has positive long term effects, even when it’s in the hands of the customer. When eco-friendly packages are delivered to customers, their easy disposal will encourage customers to think environmentally - whether that’s turning it into compost (if the material is compostable, of course) or alternatively placing it in the recycling bin for reuse.


Conserve the Earth’s resources


Conserving our natural resources in any way that we can is essential to maintaining the sources of our daily needs - and packaging is no exception to this rule. Traditional methods such as excessive use of plastics in packaging alongside other harmful materials contribute to increased levels of pollution and deforestation, which continue to deplete our natural resources.

Not only is plastic packaging environmentally harmful to produce, but it’s also catastrophic for the environment once disposed of. Piling industrial waste in landfills contributes to high levels of toxic chemicals which leads to devastating soil and air pollution that damage the environment in many ways. With 51 million tonnes (more than half) of packaging waste in the UK currently ending up in landfills, it’s definitely time to make a change. So, switching to environmentally friendly packaging is a great way to positively impact your company’s contribution towards reducing landfill pollution.

Companies or private sellers who deliver products through the mail often opt for double packaging, such as a second item packaged separately within the main box. While this can be considered wasteful, it’s often unavoidable to protect fragile items. In instances where this is essential, eco-friendly packaging can combat the harmful effects associated with materials such as traditional styrofoam by opting for planet-friendly alternatives like corn starch - a compostable material that also conserves the Earth’s resources.


Improve your brand image


Given an increasing public awareness of the harmful effects associated with traditional packing methods, the appetite for recycling is growing. Whether you’re pitching to clients or simply trying to make your products stand out on the shelves amongst competitors, environmentally friendly packaging could boost your brand image in the current climate.

Advertising your use of recycled packaging implies that your organisation is environmentally conscious and socially responsible - that can go towards building trust with your target customer. By appealing to a wider audience, an investment in recyclable and sustainable packaging will almost certainly work to further your company’s profits and improve your return on investment, while also bolstering your brand image.


Save money


Contrary to many initial concerns, switching to green packaging can also deliver cost-saving benefits, too. While saving the environment is undoubtedly the biggest reason, saving money while doing so makes sustainable packaging even more appealing.

Green packaging is designed to cut down on excess products to make lighter packages, ultimately leading to reduced shipment costs and less material required for securing cargo. Transport and delivery services often make up a large fraction of outgoings for many businesses, however, these costs are ultimately determined by how much energy and space will be used to transport the goods. Swapping to green packaging that’s lighter and takes up less space, could mean the ability to ship more products in one load, while also reducing freight costs - saving you money in the long run.


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While ‘going green’ is increasingly informing many decisions that we make in day-to-day life, it’s easy to overlook how your business can contribute to becoming more eco-conscious. Packaging is a great place to start, having impactful benefits for your brand image, the environment and paving the way for more profits and greater return on investment, too.

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Why Use Eco-Friendly Packaging? 4 Pressing Reasons To Make The Switch