Here at Kendon Packaging, we pride ourselves on delivering affordable, reliable packaging solutions for all our clients. In this range, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of flat-packed boxes for shipping and general packaging use, as well as more specialised applications like BDCM boxes, palletised cartons and bespoke solutions. Made from high-quality kraft board, our cardboard cartons boast excellent performance characteristics. Designed with durability and strength at the fore, end users can have complete confidence that packages will retain their integrity during storage and transit - keeping the contents well-protected.


Sizes for all

Within our boxes range, you’ll find a vast choice of solutions available in a variety of sizes and specifications. Within our single wall cardboard boxes range, you can choose from compact 178mm x 178mm x 178mm up to the spacious 762mm x 457mm x 152mm cardboard cartons. Our double wall cardboard boxes, on the other hand, range from 254mm x 254mm x 254mm boxes up to an expansive 762mm x 762mm x 914mm carton. This means there are dimensions to suit most size loads, whether you require square or rectangular boxes for packing your products. Supplied in flat-pack form for optimal space-saving during storage and shipping, all our boxes are easy to erect and can be strengthened further by securing flaps with one of our packing tape products. 


The amazing power of one

When it comes to packaging products, you can’t go wrong with one of our single wall cardboard boxes - as these can be the ideal accompaniment for retailers, warehouses, removals companies, offices and more. These versatile cartons are a reliable addition to any commercial environment, as the single corrugated sides deliver a sturdy and solid container for storing, packing and transporting items. Making light work of packaging your products in bulk or larger individual items, the typical four-flap fastening design is easy to construct and can be taped closed to ensure the contents are securely stowed for shipment.

Whether your business is looking for a reliable packaging solution for transporting products long distances or keeping valuable items safely packed in storage - or perhaps you’re getting ready to relocate your business to another premises - these single wall cartons are the perfect solution for light to medium duty use. When loaded correctly, our single wall cartons can be safely stacked on top of each other without squashing the boxes beneath or their contents, helping to make efficient use of space in shipping containers, warehouses and storage units. 


 Double the protection

Of course, when it comes to shipping and packing heavier items or when you just need extra reassurance that precious cargo is well protected, we also offer double wall cardboard boxes. The two-ply layer of corrugated cardboard in each box is better suited for heavier loads requiring extra strength and support en route. With double strength, these cartons will retain their shape and can be safely stacked with heavier products without the risk of the box compressing and damaging the contents inside. 

From bumps on the road to being knocked during loading, most packages are subject to some level of impact during the supply chain process, but this added layer also helps with absorbing more impact during transportation - giving you even more peace of mind goods will arrive intact. Supplied in varying sizes, these sturdy, reinforced boxes can be used in a variety of heavy duty tasks, making them must-have packaging products for shipping and storing larger cargo. From warehouses to commercial removals, whatever you choose to put in these cartons, you’ll get double the protection - ensuring goods arrive undamaged every time. 


Optimise shipping with palletised containers

For industrial and warehouse environments, we also offer palletised cartons - large cardboard boxes specifically suited for storing and shipping bigger loads. Featuring a heavy cap as well as sleeve and tray construction, these palletised containers are supplied with a four-way wooden pallet for easy lifting using a forklift and the mobility to access and lift the pallet from every side. With a choice of container sizes available, they provide a reliable solution for safely packing and securing heavy and oversized products for shipment and storage. From the larger sized  1080mm x 880mm x 910mm to the more modest 783mm x 583mm x 672mm, all our palletised containers are designed to be durable and reliable to ensure safe transit of your cargo. 


Categorise and organise

Alternatively, to optimise the organisation in warehouse and storage facilities, our selection of BDCM cartons stocked in standard sizes make product storage and identification easy. Whether you want the largest available option that’s 595mm x 295mm x 388mm or a smaller size like the 394mm x 295mm x 390mm, these categorising boxes will work to keep stock organised and safely stored to ensure everything is easier to find. 

Typically used in fashion, warehouse and catalogue environments, these cardboard boxes feature a printed text area for detailing the contents of the carton - helping to speed up picking and packing. Supplied in flat-pack form, they’re easy to store and construct and can be sealed with a variety of packing tapes. 


Moveable packing solutions 

Within this range you’ll also find we supply quality wardrobe boxes that come complete with a hanging bar to ensure garments are securely suspended and protected within the container. With robust sides that have been produced in 150KT/BC, these cartons are perfect for use in both commercial and domestic situations, providing the ideal temporary home for delicate clothing during property relocations or even as a portable closet in industrial environments and construction sites. Lightweight yet sturdy, these wardrobe boxes can be easily picked up and moved to different locations without compromising the integrity of the box. 

We also have a dedicated moving house section with all the packing essentials your business needs to deliver a professional removal service to the end user. From cardboard boxes to protective wrapping and more, you’ll find quality transportable storage solutions


Buy bespoke cardboard boxes

Beyond our classic cardboard packaging solutions, we also provide bespoke cartons and cardboard manufacturing services - allowing customers to personalise their packing with tailored designs on custom printed or plain boxes in any size for use in any industry. Whether you want cardboard cartons that feature your brand logo or contain important information for safe shipping, with a customised solution, you can have complete confidence that your packaging products are built for purpose - all while working to promote your brand identity within the marketplace.


Our environmental promise

With all our products and manufacturing processes, we take our environmental responsibility seriously - championing energy-efficient practices and using recycled and recyclable materials where possible. This not only goes towards protecting our planet, but also ensures every business is able to adopt affordable, eco-friendly packaging to bring their business in-line with the latest environmental guidelines. 

Whether you need small cardboard boxes for storing items, custom boxes for shipping products or large palletised BDCM boxes for freight logistics, we’re sure you’ll find just what you’re looking for right here.


With an impressive choice on offer, browse our complete range online now or get in touch with our expert sales team. With years’ of experience in the packaging business, they’re always happy to discuss your specific needs in more detail. Get in touch today by calling us on 01992 702470 or dropping us an email via our contact page.

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