Bespoke Boxes

Bespoke Boxes

Seeking an extra dash of originality for your company’s packaging, and not sure where to turn? Our bespoke carton service means that any design, however complex or simple, can be imprinted on your cartons and boxes with a minimum of fuss.

As a premium packaging manufacturer, we have plenty of packaging expertise to impart on any business looking for boxes with a bespoke touch. We can manufacture packing boxes and packing cartons that’ll enhance your brand by looking irresistible on the shelf, or on the doorstep if you’re looking for bespoke postal products.

Our 6 colour printing system is able to produce any style or size you need - from the tiniest of cartons to the largest cardboard boxes - so this page is your port of call if you need custom boxes for a logistics operation, or just a branding refresh for your consumer product lines.

If you’re not sure where to turn for your rebrand, then have a read of our guide to packaging for success - you’ll be brimming with ideas in no time.

We try to use eco-friendly packaging wherever we can as part of our company-wide commitments and if you choose Kendon for your bespoke packaging, then our eco-commitments will be passed on to you - giving you peace of mind that your new bespoke boxes and cartons won’t negatively impact the environment.

With next-day delivery available across the UK, alongside credit and a price match guarantee, you can rest assured that our bespoke boxes and cartons range will arrive promptly and at our best price. Of course, if you order in bulk, we can offer you an even better price per unit.

Contact our sales office today where an experienced advisor can give you the best guidance towards making your packaging look high-quality and inviting for any potential consumer.

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  • Next Day Delivery across the UK
  • Credit Available
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