Double Wall

Double Wall

When it comes to transporting and storing heavier loads, you need a container that’s reliable, durable and sturdy, like our double wall cardboard boxes. Whether you’re undertaking a business relocation, shipping goods to customers or putting heavy items into storage, you can be confident that these cardboard boxes will provide a robust packaging solution to ensure items are well protected.

Featuring a double layer of corrugated cardboard on all sides, the entire box is designed to withstand transportation when housing heavy objects. The strong, reinforced sides make it resistant to compression during transportation, and allow boxes to be safely and stably stacked without collapsing and crushing items inside. This extra layer of cardboard cushioning also works to absorb impact during transit, making it an ideal choice for shipping or storing delicate or sensitive items, too.

Available in a broad range of dimensions and sizes, we supply these strong boxes in flatpack form, making them easy to store and move, as well as offering easy assembly and sealing with tape - delivering a durable packing carton you can rely on.

At Kendon, we take responsibility as a major packaging manufacturer, by continuously striving to minimise our environmental impact, using recycled and recyclable materials where possible. We also implement environmentally-friendly practices throughout the importing and manufacturing process, inline with the latest government laws.

Whether you’re a carrier company, retailer or removal company, when you buy cardboard boxes in bulk from Kendon, we’ll give you great savings and competitive wholesale prices, along with cheap boxes that still deliver on quality.

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