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If you’re looking to buy protective packaging products for your business, we’re here to help. With decades of experience in the packaging industry, here at Kendon Packaging, we pride ourselves on delivering premium solutions that our customers can rely on. In this section, you’ll find an extensive choice of protective packaging products that include bubble wrap, corrugated paper rolls and more, all designed to deliver great value for money and optimum performance where needed.

Bubble wrap and bubble pouches

When storing and shipping goods, popular products like our bubble wrap rolls and pouches with a classic air bubble design are essential for protecting goods of all sizes. We offer a variety of protective solutions within this category to ensure you find the perfect product to meet your needs and, more importantly, keep precious cargo safe and secure during transit. 

For bubble wrap rolls, you’ll find a huge choice of widths and lengths available in larger or smaller clear bubbles. Ranging from 300mm up to 1500mm in 50m and 75m lengths, we’re confident we have all the different sizes, styles and roll lengths you need. This product can be used by retailers, warehouses, product manufacturers and distributors for a variety of applications - delivering a cushioned layer for small and large packages alike. 

Within this range, you’ll see that we also stock bubble pouches in a choice of sizes that are an ideal solution for packing items individually. From small, delicate ornaments and electrical components to larger household items, these air cushioned bag sizes range from 100mm x 135mm up to 380mm x 425mm. A cost effective choice for product distribution and storage, these pouches are a packing essential, primed for keeping individual items snugly wrapped whether being shipped or stored.

Bespoke bubble wrap solutions

If your business has specific requirements when it comes to protecting your goods, with all our bubble wrap packaging, we can provide a bespoke service. Allowing you to customise the bubble wrap with additives for greater protection, you can be confident you’re getting the ideal solution to meet your requirements - be that anti-static coatings for electrical goods or an additional foam, foil or kraft paper layer for fragile pieces.

Corrugated paper

Other quintessential protective packing products include our range of Corrugated Paper Rolls, that deliver an equally efficient and versatile alternative to bubble wrap. With their signature fluted paper design, our high-quality brown corrugated packing paper can be used for wrapping both small and larger items. 

With rolls supplied in 75m length and a choice of widths that range from 450mm up to an impressive 1800mm, there are sizes to suit even the bulkiest of items. Whether you’re wrapping artwork or delicate homeware, these paper packing rolls are a lightweight and cost-effective choice for retailers and distributors, particularly ecommerce setups looking to provide the best possible protection to goods during transit. 

With the added bonus of our paper packing rolls being recyclable, they make a suitable choice for businesses looking to minimise their impact on the environment and promote an eco-friendly message to their customers. 

Loose fill

Here at Kendon Packaging, we also supply a choice of loose fill - also known as void fill - that’s commonly used as an additional protective packaging solution inside boxes and crates to provide a loosely packed cushioning layer that soaks up impacts during transportation. 

For complete protection during transit, why not stock up on either our classic or biodegradable void fill that are supplied in 15 Cubic feet bags? Great value for money and extremely lightweight, these foam pieces are ideal for filling space in boxes for an added layer of cushioning - ensuring you can have complete peace of mind the contents will arrive intact.

Foam sheets

Within this range, you’ll also find a selection of premium foam wrap rolls that can also be made into sleeves - offering an affordable, lightweight alternative for packing up an array of items. 

Flexible and resilient to give ample surface protection against scratches, our foam rolls are stocked in different sizes, ranging from 500mm-1500mm in width and varying lengths of 75m up to 300m. Whatever your needs, you’re sure to find the right product whether you’re posting small or large-scale items. 

Protective films and dust sheets

Beyond protective packaging requirements, we also manufacture and distribute a number of fantastic protective products for use in industrial, commercial and trade environments. Whether you need durable dust sheets for protecting floors, furniture and other items during a build project or office move or you want a hard-wearing protective film for windows and floors, we have just the solution you need!

Our commitment to preserving the planet

As with all our products, we strive to deliver premium packaging that also adheres to the latest eco-friendly legislation to ensure we minimise our environmental impact at every opportunity. From the materials we use to our manufacturing and distribution practices, we continually seek to put the planet first without compromising on the quality we provide our consumers.

To find your perfect protective packaging solution, browse our full range today. To place your order or talk to one of our packaging advisors about individual requirements, give us a call on 01992 702470 or fill out our contact form.

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