Corrugated Paper Rolls

Corrugated Paper Rolls

If you’re looking for a versatile and efficient product packing solution, our high-quality corrugated paper rolls are an ideal alternative to bubble wrap offering the same protective qualities.  

Thanks to their fluted paper design, these brown paper rolls offer a practical means of packaging small, delicate items such as artwork, breakables or gifts. Lightweight and cost-effective to buy in bulk, these products are perfectly suited to online vendors looking to protect their wares from damage while in transit.


Reliable product protection

The strong yet lightweight design of our corrugated paper rolls means they’re able to prevent important and cherished documents from being bent in the post - ideal for protecting the large-scale postage of crucial documents during their journey to their destination.

At Kendon Packaging, we’re committed to quality, which is why you can count on us to use only the highest quality materials in the packaging products we manufacture - meaning you can rely on value for money with every wholesale purchase you make with us.


Environmental sustainability

We pride ourselves on our environmental ethos, so you can rest assured that all of our corrugated paper rolls are recyclable and manufactured in accordance with the latest environmental regulations. Wherever possible, waste materials are donated to local projects to ensure we remain conscious of our local community, as well as our wider environmental sustainability.

Most of our customers buy these brown packaging rolls in bulk for peace of mind that they’ll never be caught short - satisfaction worth having if you need to ensure the safe delivery of items on a regular basis.

For a strong, lightweight solution to packing paper, browse our full range of corrugated paper rolls online to find the best packaging solution for your business - and get in touch to discuss your unique needs with a packaging expert by calling us on 01992 702470.

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