Mini Rolls

Mini Rolls

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to secure, bundle or tie small items, boxes or packages, then our premium Pallet Wrap Mini Rolls are the perfect solution. Supplied in rolls of 100mm wide and 150mm in length, this 17 micron thick stretch wrap film can be put to a variety of uses in warehouses, retail environments and even at home.

Whether binding groups of items together for storage or sealing boxes for shipment, this hand or manual stretch film delivers highly effective protective layer or seal. Used with our hand-held mini roll dispensers, it makes light work of wrapping and sealing items efficiently.

When used for sealing boxes, this stretch wrap adheres to itself to create a tight and strong binding when applied. But unlike tape it doesn’t leave any adhesive residue when it comes into contact with other surfaces, making it much easier to remove and an incredibly cost-effective alternative.

Ordering your mini rolls of stretch wrap film in bulk can be a great way to ensure you never run short when need it most, and means you’ll benefit from our competitive wholesale prices.

When it comes to wrapping, binding or banding small consignments, our mini rolls of film wrap are a fantastic choice, bringing a quick and efficient wrapping or sealing solution to your business operations. To order yours, explore our full range.

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