Pre-Stretch Film

Pre-Stretch Film

If you operate in the shipping industry and are in the market for strong pre-stretch film to ensure the safe delivery of your products, then here at Kendon Packaging we have a strong and durable selection of film products which will meet all of your packing requirements. Our pre-stretch film offers a robust yet lightweight packing solution to ensure that your product will stay in place when applied using a power pre-stretch machine. The elastic recovery will keep your items tightly bound when used to wrap products on pallets and keep them safely and securely in place.

Our pre-stretch film is the ideal choice for improved stability of products or packages and can also be used for more efficient handling and storage of small bundles. This product will give an increased film yield, which means it doesn’t require as much stretching energy as stretch film would need to achieve the same wrapping force.

For superior tear resistance, our pre-stretch film is manufactured using cast extrusion process - with cling on only one side. The film has a high tensile strength, meaning it has a high resistance to breaking under tension. Alongside its excellent film memory, this product is sure to keep your items protected in transit by creating a superior wrapped load. Its consistent cling and film thickness means it’s quick and easy to wrap a load, saving you time and money, as well as generating less waste after use.

Browse our complete range of pre-stretch film today to find the right solution to meet your company’s needs. If you’re ready to place your order, contact us today for more information or to discuss your unique requirements further via our contact page. Alternatively, give us a call on 01992 702470.

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