Fashion Papers

Fashion Papers

From everyday essentials and sportswear through to high-end fashion, one of the beauties of the fashion industry is the variety of fabrics and materials used to produce a diverse array of garments. And here at Kendon Packaging, we want fashion designers and retailers to have everything they need to bring garments to life, from the fashion house to the shop floor with our range of fashion papers.

From pattern designing and cutting to garment assembly, storage and shipping, within this range you’ll find quality essentials that will form the backbone of efficient and productive operations.

When it comes to visualising the original concept, our specialist fashion tracing paper is primed and ready to help bring garments to fruition. Whether it’s tracing out sketches or making copies of existing patterns, this quality tracing paper is a must-have for seasoned designers, large-scale clothing manufacturers and budding fashion students.

When precision pattern drawing and cutting are required, you’ll find our dot and cross paper - a product that’s widely used in the fashion industry. With crisp white paper and distinct black dots and crosses, this paper makes drawing patterns easier and accurate and can be bought in various sizes depending on your needs.

For cutting fabrics and patterns, no design house should be without the right underlay paper that acts as a protective barrier between the fabric and the cutting table, reduces creases and makes it easier to move fabric along the table, too. With our kraft underlay paper rolls, even delicate fabrics like silk and satin will be easy to cut and remain undamaged during the process.

Beyond the conception and production, these products can also be used as packing paper to ensure fragile materials are protected and preserved during storage and transportation. Whether you double up the use of tracing paper as layers for individual garments or use thick underlay kraft paper in the same way, our fashion papers offer not only quality but also versatility.

Whether you’re selling high street fashion, designer labels, shoes, accessories or jewellery, choosing appropriate fashion paper products for pattern design, cutting and preserving garments throughout their lifespan will ensure they go from the design table to the customer’s home undamaged.

To find out more about our specialist fashion papers, browse our complete range of kraft paper underlay, dot and cross paper and quality tracing paper. When you’re ready to place your order or if you’d like to discuss your unique requirements in more detail, simply get in touch via our contact page or call our experienced sales team on 01992 702470.

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