White News Offcut

White News Offcut

If you’re looking for a versatile, cost-effective solution for premium packaging paper, here at Kendon Packaging we have you covered, with our variety of White News Offcut Paper. Suitable for wrapping, interleaving and filling space, our newspaper offcuts paper provides a protective layer for an array of applications.

The perfect packaging partner for removal and shipping companies, this quality packing paper is an ideal way to keep delicate or breakable items well protected during transit. Whether wrapped with multiple sheets or simply used as a single interleaving layer for stacked goods in a box, this quality paper works to add an all-important extra level of protection - ensuring items arrive undamaged at their destination.

This paper packing material is also favoured in retail environments for till point and warehouse packing solutions. From breakable ornaments to glassware and picture frames, a simple sheet of white packing paper is an essential packaging material that retailers shouldn’t be without.

Another popular use for white news offcut packing paper is in the fast food industry. Its pliable properties and affordability means wrapping up food items is easy, effective and affordable. Whether it’s wrapping freshly fried fish and chips, a wholesome burger or a healthy wrap, no fast food shop should overlook the benefits of this versatile material.

To make sure you never run low on supplies, order in bulk with Kendon Packaging today and take full advantage of our competitive wholesale prices. Call our experienced sales advisors to place an order or discuss your specific needs in more detail.

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