High Density Bags & Sheets

High Density Bags & Sheets

As one of Britain’s leading packaging manufacturers, we pride ourselves on supplying quality packaging solutions our customers can rely on through each element of their supply chain - which includes our impressive range of high density plastic bags and sheets.

Whether you need antistatic sheets for shipping items or large polythene bags for storing fresh food, the high tensile properties of these poly bags are designed to deliver strength and durability in every application.

Commonly used in food preparation environments, you’ll find a wide choice of high density bags in this section that are suitable for food use. As a staple for storing fresh food safely, these lightweight poly bags and sheets have been specifically designed to adhere to the latest guidelines on food packaging standards - giving you peace of mind when it comes to your choice of fresh produce packaging.

Boasting good tear and puncture resistance due to their polythene composition, these bags and sheets also deliver a packaging wrap that will retain its integrity, avoiding product leakages or damage due to exposure to oxygen - this is essential if you’re handling products like raw meat or oily foods.

Offering an extensive selection of colours, specifications and sizes, we’re confident you’ll find just the product you need within this range, whether that’s blue tinted butcher’s bags for packing up freshly cut steaks or a trusty roll of clear polythene perforated bags for dry foods. This also includes our block-headed bags, which feature hanging holes for easy tearing and board sheet dispensers for quick access - essential during a busy rush of sales.

Here at Kendon Packaging, we strive to deliver premium products at affordable prices to ensure our customers benefit from reliable and durable packaging solutions. So, to make your packaging and money for further, we offer competitive wholesale prices on our high tensile plastic bags and sheets when you order in bulk - giving you better value for money and peace of mind that you’ll never run short of supplies.

Browse our complete range online now. If you’d like to know more about any of our products or place your plastic bag wholesale order, contact our experienced sales team today on 01992 702470 or send us your enquiry via our contact page.

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