Refuse Sacks

Refuse Sacks

Refuse sacks, more commonly referred to as bin bags, are a vital component of our daily lives. No longer will you have to worry about flimsy bin bags that split as soon as they’re carrying a little bit of weight. Our refuse sacks are available in a range of thicknesses, right up to the heaviest duty - which gives you complete peace of mind when it comes to splits and spills.

Our refuse sacks come in rolls of 200, so buying in bulk has never been a more attractive proposition. Easy to store as they come tightly rolled, for businesses, stocking up on black refuse sacks is a great way to ensure your company has what it needs at all times.

Here at Kendon Packaging, we have decades of experience as one of the UK’s leading packaging manufacturers. This gives us the expertise to find your perfect packaging solution. In addition, we adhere to all the latest environmental regulations and operate a conscientious recycling scheme in which we donate waste materials to local projects, ensuring that we’re environmentally and community conscious.

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