With all the Kendon rope and twine products you can be rest assured they’re manufactured to the highest quality to deliver premium products for all your packaging needs. In this section, you’ll find our polypropylene packing twine suitable for a variety of uses, but we also produce packing twine from cotton, sisel, rayan, hemp, flax and jute.

Produced in our mills in Yorkshire, this packing twine is woven from polypropylene to create a binding rope that’s resistant to water, abrasion and rot - making it incredibly hard-wearing for fastening boxes, crates and pallets.

Suitable for light to medium duty, this twine can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial environments for unitising and bundling groups of items and securing goods in place during shipment, without the worry of the fastening splitting or fraying.

Also suitable for craft use, it comes in different lengths and thicknesses, so you’re sure to find just the product you’re looking for. Browse our complete range of polypropylene twine now and buy rope and twine in bulk at wholesale prices for a cost-effective solution from Kendon Packaging Group.

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