As one of the UK’s leading twine manufacturers, all Kendon’s wholesale twine consumables are made to the highest standards, delivering premium products to meet your packaging needs. In this section, you’ll find our choice of packing twines that are suitable for a variety of uses. With a choice of twines woven from polypropylene, cotton, sisel, rayon, hemp, flax and jute, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for right here.

For optimum performance, try our polypropylene strapping twine. Produced in our mills in Yorkshire, this twine is woven from polypropylene to create a binding material that’s resistant to water, abrasion and rot - making it incredibly hard-wearing for fastening boxes, crates and pallets.

Supplied on individual spools, our wholesale twines are available in different materials, lengths and thicknesses, so you’re sure to find just the product you need. Suitable for light to medium duty, our twines can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial environments for unitising and bundling groups of items and securing goods in place during shipment, without the worry of the pallet strapping splitting or fraying.

Our sisal twine also boasts exceptional strength and reliability for varied applications as well as a completely environmentally friendly option. Made from 100% natural materials, it’s biodegradable - which makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to project an eco-conscious message with their packaging. Other natural-based options also include cotton, hemp, flax, rayon and jute twine, all suitable for general tying, binding and packing applications.

With all our packaging products and processes, we keep an eye on our environmental responsibilities, actively promoting eco-friendly practices and materials where possible. Producing products that utilise recycled materials as well as being recyclable themselves, all our operations are in line with current environmental guidelines - this makes us an ideal packaging partner for eco-conscious brands.

Browse our complete range of polypropylene and other strapping now and enjoy a cost-effective packing solution when you buy in bulk with our low-cost wholesale prices. Get in touch with our experienced sales team to place your order and discuss your individual requirements today on 01992 702470 or via our contact page.

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