Packaging tape is an essential part of many business operations and if you’re looking for strong, durable and versatile packing tape you can rely on, look no further. Here at Kendon Packaging, as manufacturers of parcel tape and beyond, we appreciate the importance of making sure your items arrive in the same condition you send them - and with our premium sealing tapes, you can rely on a quality product every time.

With an extensive range of traditional, coloured and printed tape products in stock, you’re sure to find the perfect packaging solution to meet your needs. From a strong and reliable heavy duty double-sided tape to custom tape designs and specialist tapes, our packaging tape comes in a variety of materials and sizes - making it suited to just about any type of application. So, whether you're looking for classic gaffer tape, paper masking tape or whatever else, we're sure to have precisely the product you need.

Made with quality and performance in mind, when it comes to shipping and storing products in postal and warehouse environments, our packing tapes make the perfect addition. With high adhesive properties and strength, boxes and parcels can be securely sealed for shipment or storage - ensuring contents remain safely within the container and are less likely to be tampered with. We even offer custom-printed packaging tape, allowing you to easily apply a professional brand presence when sending out products.

For heavy duty use such as strapping down wires, you’ll want to make sure items are safely and securely fastened - which is why you need packaging equipment you know won’t let you down. Our duct and gaffer tape offer extreme durability and adhesion to most surfaces and are available in a choice of colours. Commonly used in the building trade and film industry, these highly-adhesive tapes can be put to multiple uses and are made to last.

From clear to brown packing tape and double-sided tape, whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got the perfect product for you - and if you’re keen to make the packaging process as simple as possible, check out our packing tape dispensers and streamline your business’s processes further. And when you order in bulk from us, you can make significant savings, while also guaranteeing tape stocks never run low.

Within this range you’ll also find masking tape, warning tape and so much more - we really do cover everything. Browse our full selection of packing tape products and find the best solution for your business today. To place your order or request further information on any of our products, simply call our packaging experts on 01992 702470 or send us an email.

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