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Incredibly useful, malleable and easy to tear, our high-quality range of masking tape is up to any challenge. Using strong paper properties yet easy to tear, our wide masking tape is perfect for easily masking off areas when painting - either professionally or as part of a DIY project.

To organise your project more easily, coloured masking tape is also an option, and we stock it in a wide variety of colours. Masking tape really is the all-rounder of the tape world, and no business should go without its simple, easy tear adhesive properties. Even if you aren’t using it as a tape, white masking tape is a useful thing to have around the office. Its paper surface is easy to write on, which means that a small section can be used as a label or a nametag.

Here at Kendon Packaging, we believe we have the best masking tape price for buying in bulk, meaning you’ll never be short of tape for general use. You can be assured that the high-quality materials we use will prevent paint bleeding through and ruining your project - even our thin masking tape options prevent this, as we take pride in the premium nature of our products.

On top of this, all our masking tapes are produced in accordance with the most stringent environmental regulations, as we actively promote the use of recyclable materials and ecologically-friendly business practices.

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