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Here at Kendon Packaging, we strive to ensure all our customers’ needs are met when it comes to packaging tape - and here you’ll find a diverse range of specialist tape that can be used across a variety of sectors. With a keen eye on quality with all our products, we’ve put our expertise to use to deliver reliable packaging tape for specialist applications that offers exceptional performance - whether you’re using it for construction purposes, packing pallets or craft projects.

Within this range you’ll find premium products that are designed to meet your packaging needs and make them more effective. Take our double-sided tape for instance, with strong bonding properties on both sides, it’s perfectly at home in industrial environments as well as commercial and domestic scenarios. From securing flooring materials, and wood and glass to mounting signs and general use, our double-sided tape offers an efficient alternative to single-sided tape or glue. Available in a variety of widths, it’s an essential piece of packaging equipment to have at your disposal.

For heavy-duty applications, you can’t go wrong with aluminium tape that’s considered one of the strongest packaging tape solutions there is. Able to withstand extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) and with excellent durability, UV tolerance and thermal properties, it’s become a mainstay for use in the construction industry, as well as in logistics.

Beyond the heavy duty options, we also provide gummed paper tape that’s a must-have addition to packaging outfits and supply chain operations. With outstanding adhesive properties, this tape is incredibly versatile, whether you use it to secure boxes or bundle items together. Alternatively, when ease and speed are essential, our easy tear tape could be the ideal option. Easy to handle and tearable by hand, this non-tangle tape has a strong bond making it perfectly suited to busy mailrooms.

Whatever your packaging tape needs, browse our complete range of specialist tapes today to find just the right tape for the job at hand - be that industrial insulation, heavy duty packing or everyday use.

With competitive wholesale prices on quality products, we’re confident you won’t be disappointed, so get in touch to discuss your needs today via our contact page or give us a call on 01992 702470.

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