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Here at Kendon Packaging we stock all manner of tape dispensers, making the fiddly job of unspooling a roll tape a thing of the past. Our main types of tape dispenser are: desk dispensers, bag neck sealers and pistol grip packaging tape guns, each of which play a subtly different role.

Packaging tape guns are ideal for a factory setting in which a lot of boxes need to get sealed quickly in a fast-paced setting. Bag neck sealers are perfect for sealing bags quickly and tightly. Desk dispensers are for small scale taping operations, like mailing document size packages. For the efficient application of any type of packaging tape, a packing tape dispenser is essential for streamlining your packaging processes and increasing efficiency.

All of our products here at Kendon Packaging benefit from our years of experience in the packaging sector. We adhere to the latest environmental regulations, part of our mission to reduce the impact the packaging sector has on the environment. Tape dispensers fall into this category, as they reduce wastage caused by improper application of tape - often very bad for the environment as most packaging tape is difficult to recycle.

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