Desktop Dispensers

Desktop Dispensers

At Kendon Packaging we strive to make your day-to-day packing processes easier. Tape is an essential part of many packing operations, so if you’re looking for a speedy solution which will make a difference to your operations, visit our site today to receive a quality product every time. Our tape dispensers are heavy duty, so won’t slide around your desk space as you’re pulling tape from the holder - meaning you can apply a range of self-adhesive tapes in a one-handed operation to speed up your packing processes.

Suitable for 25mm rolls, our desktop dispensers are ideal for office and warehouse environments alike, helping you speed up operations. These dispensers are robust and can withstand day-to-day wear and tear, making them perfect for busy environments which often experience high traffic.

Desktop dispensers mean you can say goodbye to having to messily cut adhesive tapes with knives, scissors or even teeth while you’re rushing on the job. Whether you’re packing belongings for storage or work in the packaging industry, your products will have thorough and effective sealing which goes the distance.

Browse our desktop dispensers for an efficient and time-saving way to secure your packing today. To place your order or request further information on any of our products, simply call our packaging experts on 01992 702470 or send us an email.

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