About Us

Kendon Packaging’s current status as one of Britain’s leading packaging companies has been earned over decades of service to businesses across all commerce sectors - from logistics and catering to asbestos removal and beyond.

Whatever your packaging issues, we’ll seek to solve them by drawing on our decades of experience passed on through the family business. From our initial days trading in rope in the Lea Valley in London to our current status in the packaging industry, everything we do is informed and perfected by the sheer level of expertise we have at our disposal here at Kendon.

Kendon Packaging Group has grown over the years to comprise several different manufacturing sites, from our main headquarters at the Innova Business Park in Enfield to our sites in Nottingham, Manchester and West Yorkshire.

You can read more about our story, from the early years as Kendon Rope and Twine in the 1930s, through our 20th century expansion to our role in making the London 2012 Olympics happen by clicking here.

This means we have a truly nationwide reach and are flexible enough to solve just about any packaging issue businesses may have quickly and efficiently thanks to our fleet of rigid vehicles and trailers that can fulfil orders with the minimum of fuss.

We have a strong eco-friendly ethos here at Kendon, as we’re committed to making our packaging processes as eco-friendly as we can, which is why we promote the use of recycled paper and eco-friendly packaging where possible - to ensure our packaging is produced and distributed in harmony with the environment.

Our huge array of products speaks for itself, but if you’d like to learn more, we’re just a quick email or call away.